LG 50LF652V: test and review

No revolution in design from LG on its new TVs mid-range, but the finishes are neat and nice impression first. A valid observation for LG 50LF652V.

The only real novelty of this Full HD TV 50 inch diagonal lies, in fact, the integration of version 2.0 of WebOS. This is where we realize that all OS for Smart TV is finally cast in the same mold, be it Android, Tizen or WebOS 2.0. The scrolling banner displayed superimposed on the image below therefore provides access to the LG App Store to enjoy various integrated services, manage their social networks and surf the Internet. Little something extra compared to the other: voice recognition for fun to control the TV by voice. A function that still leaves soon fall, accustomed as we are in handling the remote control.

Another small advantage of this LG 50LF652V from the competition: 3D compatibility. Passive 3D course with two pairs of glasses included. And even if we lose definition in relation to the active 3D, there is no doubt that this polarized 3D is more convenient and affordable.

This TV also Wi-Fi is included as well as Wi-Fi Direct, the WiDi and Bluetooth 4.0, especially to enjoy a wireless connection with compatible audio products (Sound Wireless Sync) brand. The unit has also three HDMI inputs (one certified MHL) and three USB ports for multimedia playback and recording of DTT programs on external hard drive.

As for the image, it offers a range of bright colors, hyper tonic contrasts that people have to learn (especially movies) and a catchy definition. Triple XD Engine processing and fluidity engine Picture Mastering 900 Hz complement rather well. If everything is not perfect, less than 1 000, this TV LG 50LF652V offers a quality image, 3D, pleasant interface and compelling multimedia features.

Who says better?