Kodak Easyshare 5300: Test and Review

After photo printers exclusively dedicated to 10×15 prints, Kodak launches into the general impression with two multifunction inkjet: The Easyshare 5300 Easyshare and 5500. The most interesting of the two is probably the 5300, 5500 Fax function with its focus limited number of people.

To win the 5300 bet on the basic functions of a multifunction. We thus find the printer capabilities (office and photo), copier and scanner. The unit houses a memory card reader compatible with Compact Flash, SD, xD, Memory Stick and two front USB ports to connect a apn or camcorder. The LCD 7.6 cm diagonal facilitates the use of independently 5300 without having to connect it to a computer. It is through him that you scroll through the menus, make your selections, your image editing and start printing. The navigation is very intuitive, but the pad sensitivity is poor. We must press the keys of the center, and sometimes very strong support if the order is not considered.

While the majority of printers and multifunction integrates the processor, the Easyshare 5300 does not. A black plastic block will drag the floor or vote desk. Small quack design. positive, the machine is relatively quiet.

The mechanism is based on a single print head with 3840 nozzles fed by two ink cartridges. A black, mostly reserved for text and graphics printing, and another color for photo prints. The latter contains the color Magenta, Cyan and Yellow, Black and a specific photos and the protective layer. If one color runs out, so you have to change the whole cartridge. The manufacturer explains this choice by the simplicity of changing a cartridge rather than several … Depending on the type of printing, the Easyshare adapts its speed. 6.5 picoliters for text, it drops to 2.7 picoliters for snapshots. Their change is very simple. Just open the scanner cover so that the cartridges are automatically placed in the center.

Kodak remains true to its history. A special place is reserved for photo printing. The standard tray A4 sees grafted support of 10×15 photo paper. Just push it fully to the printer performs the proper medium of choice. The system proves quite convincing. The Easyshare 5300 has always taken the right paper size 10×15 The block no longer lying on the desk, and the photos are printed by default in this format. This avoids wasting paper when it is stunned. 10×15 photos were printed on average in less than 50 seconds. It takes about two minutes for the photos to A4 size. The quality is quite good, and stems from the type of paper used. The “brilliant” media have made much more flattering photos. Do not hesitate to regular cleaning of the print head. Frames appear effect quickly enough.

For other functions unremarkable to report. The Easyshare 5300 are done working. The copies are legible, and the printing of text and graphics. the multifunction

Kodak shock argument for a multifunctional is the cost of operation. With a cartridge of black and color 10 euros to 15 euros, the US manufacturer announced printing costs halved. A series of pack is also available as needed: pack black cartridge and color at 23 euros, pack black and color cartridges with 180 sheets (165 g weight) at 18 euros, pack black and color cartridges with 135 sheets (240 g of weight) to 20 euros.