Jabra Vox test and review

Jabra is a company that comes straight from the Kingdom of Denmark initially specialized in Bluetooth headsets and headsets for professionals. Since then the company has expanded its range and now offers audio headsets, Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Of good quality headphones

Vox These come in a colorful box, where a user guide, warranty, a well-made carrying case, several sizes of tips for ear and of course most importantly the headphones. From the first touch, you will realize that these in-ear headphones have a very good construction and a truly flawless finish. In addition to having a nice design, they have mostly been cleverly thought out. The headphones good fit in the ear and are light enough. They have a cable “rigid” polymer-reinforced based on liquid crystals which surprisingly takes a square shape. This technique avoids many of the nodes without making them completely disappear. Interestingly, they are also provided with a pair of magnets underneath headphones, allowing again to prevent cables tangling. Good very good idea and very simple to implement.

Jabra Announces headphones compatible with Android and iOS. You must therefore be able to use the control keys to increase or decrease the volume, answer and end a call, reject a call, but also move forward or backward in a song. However, these functions that worked well in iOS have experienced malfunctions with Android. I just happened to launch Google Now. Jabra an application available on the App Store and Google Play Store can manage playlists, adjust your service according to your style of music, but also to share the songs you hear on social networks.

A sound that lacks (some) precision

At listening, these in-ear headphones Vox produce sound good but lack of precision. Mids and bass is a bit too present, we would have also liked a little more balance and clarity in the various spectra. Although the signing of these headphones is not more neutral, we are still far thunderous bass headphones of some competitors (including Monster). In the end, Jabra Vox generally have seduced us.

These in-ear headphones are currently available at 99 euros.

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