INQ Cloud Touch: a “Facebook Phone” on Froyo

The British manufacturer INQ has recently unveiled a new smartphone on Android 2.2 called INQ Cloud Touch. This device has a 3.5 inch screen and loads a Qualcomm chip running at 600 MHz and a 5 megapixel camera without flash camera. The smartphone is distinguished by a high degree of integration of the Facebook network.

Besides a unified adreses book INQ has developed an application capable of determining the five contacts judged closest to the mobile user to return their personal information and their updates. The software layer developed by the manufacturer offers several shortcuts to the inbox of Facebook, instant messaging module or the Places geolocation tool. Note also the integration of the music streaming service Spotify directly within Android to sync playlists for Spotify Premium subscribers. The smartphone carries onc rather aptly named since it almost entirely based on hosted services.

A representative of INQ confirms that the device will be available in France later this year. A second model, bapisé INQ Cloud Touch Q have a sliding full physical keyboard on the edge.

Here is a video presentation

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