Inbox Smart Reply: when Google responds to emails on your behalf

Smart Reply, the Inbox mail Google intends nothing less than to respond to emails in place of the user. An approach that involves content analysis.

A mailbox that automatically respond to messages based on the content of the contents: the new proposed Google within its mail Inbox, Gmail developments. Called Smart Reply, functionality, unveiled on the blog of the company, is intended to relieve the user response process in some cases.

Car Smart Reply is not intended to replace human contact by generating answers to everything. The function is intended primarily to create short answers, according to clearly identified in previous mails needs. By analyzing the mail from a correspondent, the service is able, in some cases, to guess the expected response. Proposals are then made to the user, who may or may not validate. If the response generated suits him, he only has to click to send. For longer messages, the functionality is also able to provide contextualized fragments of phrases, designed to stick to natural language.

The system is, of course, evolving, and Smart Reply is able to learn the needs and requests of the user to refine the relevance of its recommendations over time. The deployment of the progressive feature is on both the Web site version of the applications, but only the English language is, in the immediate care.

Edited on 11/04/2015 at 19:05

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