IE10: finally the version for Metro embark Flash Player

Finally the next version of Internet Explorer Metro developed to host the Flash Player plugin.

In February, Microsoft had wanted to confirm previous remarks by explaining that the Flash Player plugin type, Java or Silverlight would not be welcome in the Metro interface of Windows 8. According to Microsoft this decision was motivated by the desire to provide both a better experience, more reliable security and superior battery life on mobile devices. Customers visiting a sity with a plugin was then invited to open within the traditional desktop Windows 8 for which this restriction was not valid.

However, in a test version of Windows 8 unreleased, some members of the site noticed that the Adobe Flash Player is directly integrated with Internet Explorer 10 on the Metro interface. Like the Flash integration in Chrome, Adobe has worked closely with Microsoft to optimize performance and potential safety problems. Finally, Flash Player is no longer a plugin but is now part of the browser. Microsoft does not need to make an exception to its own software.

The question is whether other browser vendors will conduct similar implementations. As previously mentioned, Google has worked hand in hand with Adobe to Chrome. What about Firefox and Opera?