HTC One: the renewal of HTC?

A year after the One X and One S, HTC One comes with its new flagship smartphone. A high-end design, a fact sheet on top, interesting innovations in the photo section. A chance for HTC to rebuild?

Design and Ergonomics

HTC has accustomed us a long time now with a mastery of design and finish of its smartphones. The HTC One does not deny that reputation, but are not happy: the smartphone impresses at first by its finish and its minimalism.

The hull of the mixture One 3 materials: aluminum for the back and the front, glass for the screen and matte plastic for the bracket and piping on the back of the phone. It is slightly convex, providing a good grip, reinforced by the fact that the edges are slightly inclined inwardly. In practice, despite the generous dimensions of One, which sports a 4.7-inch screen, the smartphone is comfortable to handle with one hand in most cases.

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However, it is not a surprise, HTC continues its momentum completely sealed phones: no removable battery and no SD slot to expand the internal memory.

The One has 2 cameras, the principal has the good taste, compared to the One X, not to exceed the hull. This desire to see nothing beyond the lines turns out however less adapted to the buttons, which are not the blow more practical.

The other oddity concerning virtual buttons below the screen. HTC had the strange idea to remove the access to the multitasking button and the back button to home is found right on … as any other smartphone.

Overall, therefore, we are seduced, but looking more closely, it casts doubt on one of the materials used: matte pastique slices. It seems too soft, evidenced by the cuts already undermined the Micro USB port, 3.5 mm mini jack and the hole to access the micro SIM drawer. At the exit of the box, it is conquered, but what will it be in a month? White and matte plastic (on the Silver version we tested) reminds us of bad memories of yellowing products easily …


If HTC had with his previous One X flagship of NVIDIA Tegra 3 SoC, leaving the Snapdragon S4 with its little brother the One S, it is a Snapdragon processor in the HTC One. And not just any since it is the S600, one of the last two mobile processor from Qualcomm. The chip is fitted, on the CPU part 4 cores Krait 300 to 1.7 GHz, and for the graphic part of a Adreno 320. If there remain to be desired for the latter, the Adreno 330 not being provided that for the future Snapdragon S600, the Adreno 320 remains at present smart phone GPU.

And the HTC One will need it to push the pixel, since the screen, despite its size of 4.7 inches, displays a Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) and therefore a pixel density of 468 dpi, still above the ‘Sony Xperia Z. The screen uses a Super LCD 3, and we seemed to offer natural colors and angles of vision wide enough.

With such a sharp technical details, you might think that HTC is part of manufacturers to move to 13 MP regarding his camera / video, but this is not the contrary HTC prides itself not to follow the race the megapixel sensor with a 4 megapixel, based on innovative technology on paper, called UltraPixel.

Behind this pompous name hides a marketing idea entirely laudable. Rather than multiplying the pixels on the sensor, the UltraPixel is to use a sensor of the same size as those of competitors (1/3 inch) but with few pixels. Mathematically, it looks bigger photosites capable of receiving more light (HTC announces 300% increase compared to a sensor 13 MP of the same size as those in the Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus G and Samsung Galaxy S4) . The result? Richer shades and colors more accurately, in theory.

UltraPixel this technology is not the only difference with equipping APN other smartphones: HTC also put on a larger lens opening at F: 2.0, which enables again to get more light (the openings are generally to F 2.4 or F 2.8) and thus obtain better results in low light. lower if this is true in practice we’ll see. The front handles 1080p webcam and saves images in 2.1 MP.

storage side, it has 32 GB standard, an 64GB model is also available. No SD slot, like the One X and One S: that which once again disappoint some users, though again the relatively high standard capacity nuance that choice. 2 GB RAM are built, now an usual amount of the premium

The modem part manages all the tapes of 4G, including those used in France. N Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, everything is there, again no surprises compared to what is expected of a top smartphone modern range.