HP Folio 13: The most enduring ultrabooks?

While ultrabooks equipped with the new Ivy Bridge processors from Intel should no longer too soon to point the tip of their nose, HP comes a bit late with its Folio 13, released only at the beginning of this year.

A sufficient period of time to mature a product that will have to fight with UX31E Asus or Acer Aspire S3 already firmly planted on the market because the market a few months ago? The specifications of the Folio 13 certainly has nothing to envy to that of a Aspire S3, but does not revolutionize the genre. So what are the advantages that this first ultrabook of the American manufacturer has to argue? Maybe its position, since the Folio 13 plays on the world of business, as well as the Toshiba Z830.

Meanwhile the luxury spectrum of the brand, so let’s see what this Folio 13 in the belly!