HoloLens: virtual conferences by sharing a link

Some additional information was shared by Microsoft on its holographic helmet HoloLens.

Unveiled there just a year, the HoloLens helmet still remains a concept that Microsoft does not want to communicate freely. However, at an event held in Tel Aviv, Bruce Harris, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, shared some additional information.

For the record, HoloLens differs from augmented reality helmets (AR) or virtual (VR). With holographic helmet Microsoft, applications may be checked by the user regardless of its position in space and act independently. In a home, you could for example choose to position Skype around the TV in the living room while an application revenues will be placed on the worktop in the kitchen.

After opening entries in last October for $ 3000, Microsoft is expected to deliver a first prototype of HoloLens developers quarter but the company did not provide a specific date or price for sale to the public or companies.

Mr. Harris said that universal applications will run natively and in the Petri blog, which reports the information, the device will be based on wireless technologies Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There will be no USB / HDMI option. The battery cycle course vary according to the purpose of each. At present, HoloLens provide between 5.5 hours and 2.5 hours of battery life.

The field of vision obtained would be equivalent to a 15-inch screen, which is positioned with a field depth of about 60 cm. Harris explains that this choice is to find a compromise between the user experience, the independence of the helmet and the cost of production. In the future, Microsoft intends to broaden the vision of the user.

Bruce Harris also showed some use specific features, including the ability for multiple users to connect their headsets to interact together on the same subject. These users do not need to be connected to the same network. It would be enough simply to share a link via the Internet to reach a kind of futuristic virtual conference.

Posted on YouTube the video of this conference was quickly erased by Microsoft.