Holidays: what to do with your photos?

After the waves at the beach moved often melancholy … But fortunately, it usually returns from vacation with head full of images and pictures full device! A mission ad then: find a way to give life to these memories. What solutions considered? Answers in this folder!

The first step that should not burn is to put order in his files. It is not necessarily the funniest part of the process of “digestion” of bygone holidays, but its proper implementation easier later. And it’s at that time that take place the cooler reminiscences, which is not so unpleasant.

Import images to the computer, making sure to qualify (name, tag, caption …) and saving them in appropriately named folders. It must then sort the wheat from the chaff and then touch or simply beautify the clich├ęs deserving. The use of this software is best to carry out these tasks, we find several quite effective and free. After clearing and preparations made, it’s time to back up data to an external hard disk or optical media.

And now? It’s time to find a way to materialize his images. There is of course the good old method of the shop, in a neighborhood photographer or large surface via a traditional automatic or a terminal window. This solution has the advantage of proximity, possibly quality in some professionals (increasingly rare unfortunately), but it is clearly not the most interesting in terms of cost to the photo. Ditto for home printing, which is more than ever confined either occasional outings in small quantities or special requirements result (requesting the high-end hardware and skills).

In contrast, the least expensive market if you want prints remains by far photo processing sites. These signs are also those that offer the greatest diversity of formats and print media. And they also allow a form of exchange with hosting your pictures online and send links to your contacts. Finally, for those who would limit the materialization of their pictures to virtual media, galleries sharing solutions abound!