Histware.fr: a web-documentary on the history of video games

Once is not custom, we give a little boost to a student project Histware.fr! What is it about? From a “web-documentary” about the history of the video game of 1958 (yes!) To the present, with contributions including Virgil Rasera, Bertrand Amar, or the Player Grenier!

Directed and designed by Antoine Roche, student Degree Journalism and Digital Media at the University of Metz (phew!) And emeritus fellow at Healthician.org, Histware.fr text mixture, videos, sound clips or vintage advertisements, mustaches understood. The retrospective is divided into 10 periods corresponding to different generations of consoles and micro computers as they were called then, the first fruits of Space War or Pong, Modern Warfare through the American crisis of 1983 and the rebirth of the consoles via Japan .