GoProd publishes an application to control the Freebox with Kinect

Control its Freebox Revolution with the Microsoft Kinect is now possible with “Freemote with Kinect ‘, an application unveiled by the start-up GoProd, and available for free download.

Already at the origin of FreeGo Freemote and applications that control the Freebox from an iOS or Android device, the company now offers GoProd control the Free Box with gestures and speech. Freemote with Kinect can “manipulate the Force” to change channels, adjust the volume of sound, put a program pause or turn off the Freebox in one motion.

This application was developed by three students from the Efrei, members Efrei-Microsoft combination that GoProd hired for the occasion. It was developed in C # / XAML (Wpf) and uses the Kinect SDK 1.5, available to developers to design applications usable on a platform other than the Xbox 360. To use Freemote with Kinect, it must be installed on a PC with Windows 7 and connect the Kinect USB on it. The Freebox Revolution remote control code is then required to bind all.

The program is available for download via the website of GoProd, as the sources of the project, also in free access. A user guide is also available in docx format.

Edited on 11/07/2012 at 16:28

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