Google+ will gradually open to custom URLs

Brands and personalities will be the first to take advantage of a custom URL on Google+, until this functionality is extended to all users.

Google on Monday announced the establishment of a new customization option Google+ profiles: creating a vanity URL, ie a web address that reflects the name of the user, instead of the current sequence of digits abstruse that today identifies most profiles.

“Initially, we are launching the custom URLs for a limited number of verified profiles and pages. But over time, we plan to offer these custom URLs to many more brands and individuals so stay tuned, “said Saurabh Sharma, Google, on its own Google+ profile. Toyota, Ubisoft, Delta Airlines, but Britney Spears and Hugh Jackman have already received their own personalized address.

By limiting initially Auditors ‘verified’ Google has already a well-known principle in the universe of domain names: leave the premiere of this new option for brands and personalities who have a commercial interest or to exploit its marketing network to avoid the increasing cases of cybersquatting and identity theft.

For the impatient, alternative services such as can create a custom redirect leading to his Google+ profile.

Edited on 14/08/2012 at 9:19

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