Google, Uber: a race without driver

Google denied the rumors last night who lent him the desire to compete with Uber. The latter, however, working on a car without a driver.

This is what could be called a small knife in the back. While the Internet giant was reassuring yesterday, denying officially will offer an equivalent service to that of Uber, the car reservation service proves meanwhile bolder and announced work on a vehicle project autonomous, that is to say without a driver. As the Google Car.

Google reassures and Uber account?

The origin of the rumor yesterday, Bloomberg, warned by a relative of the board of directors of Uber, himself warned Google that potential service. A disproved information, not without malice, on the Twitter account of the firm.

Wanting to associate a reservation service its autonomous cars is evident, and it will happen probably. But a priori, instead relying on Google Uber for this role thanks to its expertise and logistics. The Mountain View company has invested more than $ 350 million in the California company in August 2013, via its Google Venture funds.

Uber for one rider?

This partnership is about the taste of Uber? The company suggests that it would prefer to roll their own wheels. On his blog, the firm announced in effect a “strategic partnership” with the renowned Carnegie Mellon University to create a technology center, … instead of developing an autonomous car.

If Google does not come to Uber, so it’s Uber will come to him. The strategy seems rather bold, account keeping advance available to Google’s driverless vehicle. But Uber has a few advantages: currently valued at about $ 41 billion, the service is present in 200 cities and 54 countries. An upcoming IPO could even give them more leeway to society.

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