Google Translate allows the recording of “key phrases”

Google just integrated a new feature to its translation tool named Phrasebook, it saves phrases in different languages ​​to find them easily, to use later.

The Mountain View company continues to optimize its translation tool by adding languages, perfecting translations but also adding new functionality. With Phrasebook – or Glossary in French – the service users now have the ability to save useful translations, to find them without having to rewrite the sentence. The recorded phrases are stored in a tab “My Lexicon” viewable at the top right of the site.

For Google, this new feature will allow users to facilitate their learning key phrases, and to build a customized list easy to see based on their needs. Note that the Android app Google Translate can already view a history of translations, and even to save favorites.

Edited on 15/03/2013 at 11:50

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