Google+: ready to topple Facebook?

Far unable to break into social networking, Google is trying the all out with a new approach, simpler and trying to capitalize on the shortcomings of its competitors. Enough to shake the Facebook & co?

A sharing system closer to real life? The idea is ambitious.

The rock against mountain

A panic-he whispers in Mountain View? Impossible to ignore when we are witnessing the third attempt to break in three years! It’s that face competition not too expected that the giant is waking up. With over 750 million active accounts, the arch dominant Facebook, partly supported by Microsoft, hardly leaves a millimeter of space to co-exist. The Palo Alto juggernaut has become in recent years the second most visited site in the world. Worse, sporadically, Facebook passes Google regularly, especially in the United States.

The challenge might almost seem overwhelming

For teams Larry Page, it was high time to respond with a credible alternative to a competitor became too powerful for their liking. Especially when the opponent is implanted on tens of thousands of sites across the buttons “Like” or “Save” to register on other websites in seconds. Gradually Facebook weaves its own canvas and the Internet, the heart of the business model of both companies, begins to escape from Google. By opening a browser, it is no longer routinely launches search engine but its Facebook page, using less e-mail (and therefore Gmail) because the message box of the social network is faster and convenient.

On his profile, Larry page allows a small troll.

In short, for many, Facebook has become the starting point of navigation and the nerve center of? Their? Internet.

Countless infographics comparing Google+ and Facebook

A character competition

And as if debunk such a juggernaut did not look quite complicated, other important players have come to fit into the battle by capturing available navigation time. First, the amazing Twitter that the top of its five years of age continues to grow with 200 million active users, 600,000 new registrants per day and 2250 tweets per second, no less! Fun figures when they are placed in parallel with the words of a certain Eric Schmidt (Google CEO then) who declared in 2009 that Twitter was? Messaging poor ?. To change his mind a few months later by signing an agreement for indexing in real time the content of the site on Google. A jacket reversal betraying a serious lack of vision.

The? 1? really nothing original. Stuck for ideas, Mr. Google?

Third player in social, LinkedIn is on his side professionals and continues to grow. The site has become in a few months the second social network of the United States, just behind Facebook. Recently, the company launched its news service LinkedIn Today, highlighting the most popular information shared by its members. An innovation that has the luxury of coming encroach on the beds … Google News.

The challenge? Keep the Internet? Home?