Google+ profiles integrate with Blogger

Google wants to further enhance the visibility of its new community network Google+ and announces the integration of Blogger.

Launched four months ago, the Google+ network already hosts more than 40 million Internet users and according to the latest figures released by Médiamétrie / Nielsen Netratings, the service would have exceeded Twitter welcoming 3.037 million unique visitors in September against 2,984,000 for the young shoot Jack Dorsey.

Part of the new menu at the top of almost all sites of the company, now Google+ invites to users of Blogger publishing platform. It is actually now possible to replace his Blogger profile with that of Google+. Ultimately, this profile should become the virtual business card from Google around which gravitate different services. Google added that tickets posted on Blogger blogs will then be visible to contacts, not directly on their Google+ stream, but in the results of search engine.

The feature is available for trial. To link your Google+ profile to Blogger log on Find more information on this FAQ.

Edited on 12/07/2012 at 9:52

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