Google plancherait on a VR helmet more advanced than the Cardboard

Google does not count let slip the market of virtual reality: the giant plancherait on a device for the general public, more advanced than the Cardboard.

Last week we reported that Google had created a new in-house specifically to study virtual reality division and its various possibilities. At the head of this department, we find Clay Bavor, formerly responsible for the development of Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs.

For some time, Google multiplies its projects in this market. Besides Cardboard and Jump VR, Google plancherait on an optimized version for Android experience virtual reality and invested $ 542 million in the company specializing in the Magic Leap material.

But the California firm also faces competition from Facebook, which owns Oculus or various manufacturers like Samsung or HTC. If the Cardboard is not expensive, the Samsung Gear VR is more advanced since it embarks sensors and that technology does not rely entirely on the smartphone. This results in a more enjoyable experience with less latency.

However, Google wants to go one step further: job offers have appeared and suggests that the company wants to develop its own VR most advanced helmets. Initially identified by the specialized blog RoadToVR These ads describe a product to be manufactured en masse for the general public, the best price, and whose design will ensure good battery life and a thorough knowledge of electronic circuits.

A total of 17 jobs have been published since the appointment of Clay Bavor and all indications are that the company therefore working on a more powerful VR headset that Cardboard. To keep a floor price, Google may unveil a Gear VR competitor and continue to expand its ecosystem of mobile applications.