Google optimizes its algorithm, 35% of relevant results

Via its official blog, Google announced an update to its search engine optimizing more relevant results for some queries.

Google’s engineers have tweaked their algorithm so that the results related to certain queries more precisely meet the expectations of users. The engineer Amit Singhal explains: “If I do a search for the term” olympics “, I would probably get information about the upcoming Olympic games this summer rather than those of summer 1900”. Beyond the deployment of Caffeine platform to optimize server-side calculations, Google has also tweaked further accelerating content indexing.

This update would impact about 35% of searches for which results are most frequently updated. Depending on the keyword “the most recent information can be dated last week, the day before or even the last minute”, is it well explained on the official company blog.

Relevant queries are obviously those related news but also those for regular events such as presidential elections or annual summits. In the past Google believes while the user is expected to immediately get the latest information (if the Olympics). Engineers also included sites collecting user opinions to back those on the latest products reviewed.

Edited on 12/07/2012 at 9:52

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