Google Maps opens with the multistep routes on iOS

The latest version of Google Maps for iOS is enriched with an option to design routes to several steps.

The iOS version of Google Maps is catching up on his Android or Web equivalent with the integration of the option to add waypoints to a route. IPhone and iPad, the application was satisfied so far to suggest the path from point A to point B.

The option appeared in the 4.21 update of Google Maps for iOS, registered on the App Store in July 25 and actually available since Sunday. To design a route with stages, simply initially selected starting point and final destination before opening the context menu (the three points at the top right of the screen), then select “Add Step “.

This will add up to nine crossings along a path, and then change the order of steps by drag and drop. The service then provides his usual options guide or estimation of travel time. This feature “multi-stage” is now default Plans, implementation of integrated mapping natively in iOS.

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Edited on 01/08/2016 at 15h06

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