Google Maps: exit without 3G in neighborhoods that move

Google performs a major update to its mapping service. The cards themselves are more readable and strengthen their applications offline.

Does not look like much, but it is an event on the scale of Google Maps: the service is reviewing the appearance of its maps, which does not happen often. The cards are now more readable. It must be said that competition is intensifying, as necessary alternatives such as Apple Plans or MapBox (based on OpenStreetMap, the Wikipedia of maps).

To do this, Google has removed “elements that are not absolutely necessary,” such as the black borders of the roads. The publisher has also “improved typography,” registration is more readable, but are in return fewer constant scale.

easily identify areas that move

Now, Google Maps displays also and especially new orange zones. These “areas of interest”, in which focus the activities and outputs. Google automatically identifies the function of the concentration of restaurants and shops, except in very dense areas like New York where they are defined by humans.

This welcome feature allows a tourist to easily identify areas that move.

A new Wi-Fi-only

Finally, applications to strengthen their offline operation. Google Maps is initially an online service that automatically load the online data as the phone is connected to the internet.

But Google has begun deploying a new offline feature, which limits its connections to Wi-Fi networks only. Areas can be downloaded in advance the data in which we realize to have minimum search functions and routing. What a save low quota mobile internet at home but especially abroad.

Credit: Android Police